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Superhero Mind Cultivating Stress Resilience

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free self-study course with online community


Superhero Mind: cultivating stress resilience

shows you a simple, step-by-step method you can use to improve your resilience so that you are better equipped to face the challenges that will inevitably arise sooner or later.

You will discover the following:  

  • The one belief that will help you get through even the toughest of situations without giving up

  • The behaviors you learned as a child that can hold you hostage as an adult - and how to break free from them

  • How people manage to get through even the most hopeless situations - and what you can learn from them about overcoming everyday challenges in your own life

  • The 5 minute trick to combating your scarcity thinking so you can find more options, resources, and opportunities

  • How to use the WOOP method to avoid being thrown off course by unexpected obstacles  

  • How to train yourself to get back on your feet faster after setbacks

  • How to change your identity so that strength and resilience become the default mode for you

The self-paced course is short and focused - five main lessons - and gives you everything you need to cultivate a resilient mindset - your Superhero Mind - that will help you feel calmer, more at ease, and happier every day.

Strengthen your resilience muscles and remember that all your small positive changes will add up to a big impact over time!

And to make it easier for you to implement the changes, you can exchange ideas with like-minded people in the course community, because everything is easier in community!

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Cultivating Stress Resilience
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